[Clay-talk] Announcement--Newest edition of Glossary of Clay Science now on-line

S. Guggenheim xtal at uic.edu
Wed Apr 8 14:59:20 EDT 2015

The latest version (April, 2015) of the Glossary of Clay Science is now 
available on the CMS website.  It may be found
in .htm format at:  http://www.clays.org/GLOSSARY/Clay_Glossary.htm

The other formats for downloading include .pdf and .doc.  If anyone 
would like the .wpd version, please contact me directly.

The latest version has about 65 new terms defined, primarily relating to 
clay textures.

If anyone would like to see other terms included in future editions, 
please contact me directly.

S. Guggenheim, Chair
CMS Nomenclature Committee



Steve Guggenheim, Professor
    Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, m/c 186
    University of Illinois at Chicago
    845 W. Taylor St., Room 2440 SES
    Chicago, Illinois  60607-7059

E-mail:   xtal at uic.edu
Homepage:  http://www.uic.edu/depts/geos/people/guggenheim_research.html
Phone:   312-996-3263
FAX:   312-413-2279


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