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Butler, Shane K sbutler4 at illinois.edu
Tue Jan 27 17:18:19 EST 2015

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Call for Nominations for the

International Mineralogical Association Medal for Excellence in Mineralogical Research

The IMA Medal is awarded for scientific excellence and eminence, as represented by long-term outstanding scientific publication in the field of mineralogical sciences.  The award is currently given every second year.  All related fields are equally suitable for the award, for example: mineralogy, geochemistry, petrology, crystallography, and applied mineralogy. The award is made without regard to nationality.

Please consider nominating an outstanding colleague for this award.  The deadline for the nomination is April 1, 2015 and the instructions can be found at:



Jane A. Gilotti, Professor
Chair, IMA Medal Committee
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
121 Trowbridge Hall
University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242  USA

phone: 319-335-1097
fax:     319-335-1821

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