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Plötze Lothar Michael michael.ploetze at igt.baug.ethz.ch
Fri Nov 20 02:28:09 EST 2015

Dear colleagues

The 8th Mid-European Clay Conference is taking place in Kosice, Slovakia, 4-8 July 2016 (http://mecc2016.sav.sk/). We would like to invite you to the session

Clays in building materials and geotechnics

The session focusses on two topics.
1) Because of their special properties, clays play an important role in the field of geotechnical engineering, as 'ground' material in the classic tasks of civil engineers in the field of structural and fundamental soil mechanics, as a building material or in environmental geotechnics such as in technical barriers in landfills or for the disposal of high-level radioactive waste. The type and amount of the clay minerals determine the mechanical behaviour of argillaceous soils and rocks. Aspects of modern analytical modelling as well as lab and field testing research will be covered. The presentation of problems and solutions in applications e.g. in ground improvement and of other case studies are welcome.
2) Natural clays are used in place of cement in the manufacture of mortars and concretes. The resulting blended cements containing Portland cement and clay represent one solution to existing problems in the cement industry. Presentations of new information about clay materials for use in blended cements are welcome.

Conveners:  Michael Plötze, Switzerland
                       Ivan Janotka, Slovakia

The registration and call for abstracts starts on December 1st 2015. We hope to see you there.

ETH Zurich
Dr. Michael Ploetze
Institute for Geotechnical Engineering, ClayLab
Stefano-Franscini-Platz 3
8093 Zurich

+41 44 633 32 69 phone
+41 44 633 12 48 fax

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