[Clay-talk] Reynolds Cup 2018 registration REMINDER

Rieko Adriaens radriaens at qmineral.com
Tue Jan 9 04:32:32 EST 2018

Dear colleagues, 
The 9th biennial Reynolds Cup competition for quantitative mineral analysis
is now open. Please register your participation as soon as possible by
sending an email to Rieko Adriaens  <mailto:radriaens at qmineral.com>
radriaens at qmineral.com. The competition is open to anyone interested in
quantitative mineral analysis, with particular emphasis on clay mineralogy.
Information about the competition including guidelines and previous winners
can be found at http://clays.org/Reynolds.html . The competition is free for
all to enter, however, those that are not members of the CMS are encouraged
(but not obliged) to become members (see
Please use the following format when registering: 
Subject: Please put "Reynolds Cup 2018 registration" in the subject line in
your email request. In the body of the email please put the following
Shipping address: (that works for DHL/Courier delivery, e.g. physical
address not Postal Box)
Phone number (for delivery):
Email address:
We look forward to your participation! It is expected that the samples will
be shipped on January 22nd .
Rieko Adriaens
Gilles Mertens
Reynolds Cup 2018 organizers
University of Leuven
Qmineral Analysis & Consulting
Celestijnenlaan 200 E
Gaston Geenslaan 1
3001 Heverlee (BELGIUM)
3001 Heverlee (BELGIUM)
 <http://www.ees.kuleuven.be/geology> www.ees.kuleuven.be/geology
www.qmineral.com <http://www.qmineral.com>                
Tel. +32 16 32 64 42
Tel. +32 16 75 13 77


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