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Odette B. James o.b.james at verizon.net
Thu Sep 15 14:55:52 EDT 2016

Sounds good to me.  I approve.  Before we can do this, though, we need
unanimous approval by all counselors and officers if we are to handle this
through email.  So everyone does need to reply.  Items handled at council
meetings require only a majority approval, but items handled by email
require unanimous approval.





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Dear GSW Council:

Carl-Henry would like to propose the following for the remaining meetings
below. Rather than wait until the October 26 Council Meeting, I'd like your
comments by Monday morning on this topic (I leave for Brazil Monday
afternoon). If needed, we'll put it to an e-mail vote.

Callan and I both support the idea as an experiment, as something that could
be implemented to shorten the meeting without affecting our ability to host
speaker dinners at the Cosmos Club, shorten the pre-meeting reception, or
affect the presentations.

Thanks, Jamie Allan

GSW President
703-909-1515 cell

On 9/15/16, 12:51 PM, "Carl-Henry Geschwind" <geschwind.c at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Jamie:

I've now read through the results of Ricardo's survey of the membership,
and I was struck that quite a few respondents mentioned that the front
portion of the program should be shortened - and in particular, several
people said that we should dispense with the reading of the minutes.

I have to admit that I agree.  Don't get me wrong - I'm a ham, and I
love standing up there and reading out the minutes.  But in this day and
age, we should be able to do the minutes in a more streamlined fashion -
have the draft minutes posted online, send out a notice to the members
that they are available for perusal, and then at the meeting simply say:
"Are there any corrections to the minutes of the last meeting as posted
online?  If not, are there any objections to approving the minutes? 
Hearing no objections, they are approved."

Since we are already doing experiments with our meeting format this
year, I would like to suggest doing the following:  At the next meeting,
I will read out the minutes as usual, and then announce that, as an
experiment to see whether this will shorten the program, for the next
three meetings the draft minutes will be posted online and will be
approved at the following meeting without first being read.

I wanted to run this by you first for your opinion before suggesting it
to the council.


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