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hi wallace and all,

the "lack of standardization" is restricted in phonetic writing systems, but english spelling is 
half the way to kanji/hanzi, as demonstrated by the famous example (attributed to B Shaw) 
that /ghoti/ is just an alternative spelling for /fish/,


The nice thing is that you never know where you actually are between IPA and kanji. In 
contrast to kanji/hanzi writers, who don't have an option: once the word has been 
transliterated/transiconed, it has to be pronounced the same way as its substitutes are, so 
/symbolforBEE-symbolforYOUNG-symbolforCAR/ will correctly produce /bianca/ (italian girls' 
name meaning 'white').

I'd like to hear some of our asian colleagues if I am right that english might be our last refuge 
for linguistic freedom?


  This is one of the things you have to accept--there is a general lack of standardization in 
(American)English. We have done so  and will continue to adopt words from other 
languages, sometimes Anglicizing the word, sometimes not. In addition, note our many 
regional variations in the ways we use and modify the language. Live with it.
Wallace Kleck

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