[MSA-talk] Mineral name pronounciation

donhalterman at verizon.net donhalterman at verizon.net
Fri May 2 11:45:19 EDT 2014

 Let's face it, there is an ideal way to pronounce any language, as expressed in what we learn in school, and FYI, I would certainly consider Oxford far more authoritative than something like Webster's.  But we've gone off the rails.  It has been made clear to me over the years, by IMA representatives and by what is written, that in the specific case of minerals named after an individual, it is pronounced as the individual's name would be said followed by -ite.  For example, if a mineral is named after Joe Smithfield, the name would be joeSMITHfieldite, not joesmithFIELDite.  That begs the question of how do we know how each person's name is pronounced--for example, someone surnamed "Braun" might pronounce it "brawn" in the Anglicized manner, or "brown" in the traditional German from whence the name derives.  None the less, we should all be on the same page with this, as far as being aware of conventions.  I also give a nod to the person who mentioned the "serPENtinite" problem.

A last piece of trivia... for those who serve as expert witnesses, there is in a fact a brief written on how to pronounce "Daubert," at least as far as the person after whom the Daubert hearing is named would have it... and it's not "daw-BEAR".

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