[MSA-talk] Mineral name pronounciation

donhalterman at verizon.net donhalterman at verizon.net
Fri May 2 11:57:17 EDT 2014

 I agree Glenn, and some authors will do that in their describing article, though it is not required. As far as speaking, well, I have heard the most creative enunciation of mineral names during talks. If my memory serves me, some years ago at the Rochester Mineralogical Symposium it was suggested that any mineral name being spoken during the talk should also be written on the slide or Powerpoint. I have encountered numerous conversations during which one party or another would not understand what mineral someone was talking about, to the point where a person would say "just spell it." So sometimes it matters. 

And now, let's all talk about how to say "biotite" (think about it...)
Okay really back to analysis.


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