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Matthew Kohn mattkohn at boisestate.edu
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Birchite is also a term used for members of the John Birch Society.

How about...Birchovskite?


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> It is a bit ?unfortunate? that LINGUNITE is already taken (thank you, Thomas, for ?chiming in?). So is BIRCHITE, actually (Ca-Cd phospho-sulfate), but named after William Birch of Victoria Museum. There has been a very good succinct retrospect published on mineral physics in Sciences of the Earth (ed. by Good, 1998); see under ?Matter, Properties...?  (pp. 523-535). Plenty of deserving people have not been ?mineralized? yet!
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> Call it birchite unless already used to honor the guy who more or less started mineral physics based on Bridgman foundations
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