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We invite you to contribute to our session (P11) entitled “Crustal 
melting: from UHP to UHT and from inclusions to intrusions” (see below) 
at EMC2016 ( http://emc2016.socminpet.it/ ) in Rimini, Italy, September 
11-15, 2016. The abstract and early registration deadline are both 9 May.

P11 Crustal melting: from UHP to UHT and from inclusions to intrusions
Information about the process of melting in the deep crust of orogens 
and the resulting melt transfer to shallow levels is encoded in the 
microstructures, mineral assemblages and mineral compositions, 
multiphase solid (former melt) inclusions and whole-rock compositions of 
metamorphic and igneous rocks. Whether crustal melting in orogens is a 
closed-system process with respect to mass input from the mantle is an 
important question that may be addressed by inversion of geochemical 
data from granites. This session will advance our understanding of 
crustal melting and the formation of granite over the full range of 
metamorphic environments, from low to high dT/dP conditions, from 
subduction to collision, and from orogenic plateaux to accretionary 
orogens. We encourage submissions on any aspect of crustal melting from 
all tectonic environments and at all scales.

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for Omar Bartoli, Michael Brown and Richard White (conveners)


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