[MSA-talk] Inclusions at EMC Rimini, Italy, 2016

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Mon Apr 11 04:29:48 EDT 2016

Dear Colleagues,

   Inclusions live in a different world from the rest of a rock! How to 
interrogate them will be the focus of session (P13) on "Inclusions in 
minerals as record of geological processes: new analysis methods and 
application" at EMC2016 http://emc2016.socminpet.it/ in Rimini, Italy, 
September 11-15, 2016. The abstract and early registration deadline are 
both 9 May.

The aim of this session is to bring together a wide range of people 
working on fluid, solid and melt inclusions  to demonstrate new 
analytical methods and results, to define the analytical challenges that 
remain, and to encourage new collaborations in the analysis of inclusion 
systems by complimentary methods. Our keynote talk will be given by 
Maria Luce Frezzotti (University of Milano Bicocca, Italy), on C 
speciation in fluids. Please consider contributing to the session, yourself!

On Friday 16th September in Rimini, there will be an EMC satellite 
workshop to teach the principles of host-inclusion elasticity for solid 
inclusions, including how to perform calculations to determine inclusion 
pressures and entrapment conditions. Teachers include Prof. Lutz Nasdala 
(Vienna) and ourselves. Further details and registration at 
www.mile-deep.org in the 'events' section.

Matteo Alvaro (Pavia)
Silvio Ferrero (Potsdam)
Ross Angel (Padova)

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