[MSA-talk] New mineral description needed

Anthony Kampf akampf at nhm.org
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The PXRD that I did was on crystal fragments rather than powder, utilizing a Gandolfi-like motion on our Rapid II diffractometer. I’ve worked on a lot of minerals that are very prone to dehydration and this material did not strike me as being all that unstable.


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Will the material desicate and change under some of these beams?
When powdered is the material distorted? Was it powdered in a hydration
preserving oil? i.e. does grinding change the material as it progresses.


On Tue, Apr 26, 2016 at 9:19 AM, Henry Barwood <hbarwood at troycable.net<mailto:hbarwood at troycable.net>> wrote:
There is a new hydrated iron phosphate mineral found at Girard, Burke County, Georgia that needs analysis and description. It was recognized (by me) as a new mineral 22 years ago and has been looked at by 4 separate groups without success. The problem is that the crystals, while well defined are simply too thin to yield adequate single crystal data for crystal structure analysis. Does anyone on the list have access to electron diffraction or another technique that might be able to solve this mineral? I would really like to see it described since it would represent the first mineral with a Georgia type locality. I have very few specimens of this left but would sacrifice 1-2 if anyone believes they have a reasonable possibility of success. Thanks.

Henry Barwood
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