[MSA-talk] treatment + separation of clay-bearing materials

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Hi Barry,

Eons ago, doing my thesis, I processed Miocene clay-rich samples in sealed 10 microns nylon-mesh bags – and washed them in a washing machine! (Ensure you sewer has a sedimentation trap).

Perfectly intact microfossils were extracted without further ado.

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Emne: [MSA-talk] treatment + separation of clay-bearing materials

Hi everyone,

In a laboratory setting, if I want to treat a sediment or ground rock sample with some kind of aqueous reagent, and then separate the liquid from the solids, I can just use a centrifuge if there are clay minerals in there.  That probably isn’t feasible on an industrial scale, however.  Do any of you know how such separations are done on an industrial scale?  You could flocculate the clay by adding some salt, I suppose, but then if you try to remove the salt, you would once again be faced with the same problem.

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