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The native silver wires seem to grow by having material added to the
bottom, the base, ie. material "pushed" out from the decomposing matrix
under it. So the terminal end of the wire would be the oldest deposit and
the base the youngest. You can observe this happening in a few minutes by
heating acanthite with the flame of a blowtorch.

Native iron, on the other hand, being magmatic, created by reduction in a
melt, would be unlikely to grow in such habit.

On 5 December 2017 at 07:52, Magloughlin,Jerry <
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> Two related questions: Is anyone aware of papers describing native iron in
> a wire habit, akin to
> what is sometimes present in native silver and native gold? I have a lot
> of papers on native iron
> and nearly all seem to illustrate or describe a generally granular or
> blocky or irregular habit.
> Second, why does a ‘wire’ habit develop in these isometric minerals? Any
> papers describing this
> would be much appreciated.
> Jerry
> Jerry F. Magloughlin
> Colorado State University
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