[MSA-talk] Whisker growth in cubic minerals

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It’s not Fe, Ag, or Au, but for growth of cuprite whiskers (chalcotrichite), you can see this:

Veblen, D. R., and Post, J. E. (1983) A TEM study of cuprite whiskers (chalcotrichite):  Microstructures and growth mechanisms.  American Mineralogist, 68, 790‑803.

David Veblen

On 5 December 2017 at 07:52, Magloughlin,Jerry <Jerry.Magloughlin at colostate.edu<mailto:Jerry.Magloughlin at colostate.edu>> wrote:
Two related questions: Is anyone aware of papers describing native iron in a wire habit, akin to
what is sometimes present in native silver and native gold? I have a lot of papers on native iron
and nearly all seem to illustrate or describe a generally granular or blocky or irregular habit.

Second, why does a ‘wire’ habit develop in these isometric minerals? Any papers describing this
would be much appreciated.

Jerry F. Magloughlin
Colorado State University


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