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Sun Dec 10 12:21:55 EST 2017

*Dec 9, 2017 Hello Min Talk: As a graduate student in 1950s UCLA Geology I
saw pegmatite "dikes" and folds of self similar matter before they were
called fractals.  Adrian Bejan and Bill Tiller wrote not much used books
and papers.  At Stanford I met Bill Tiller and Art Radtke who got me
interested in Carlin deposits and new mineral carlinite Tl2S.  I reacted
Au, Hg, As, Sb, Tl sulfides. I note weird things about colors and sets of
mineral from vapor?.  UCLA to UCR to Stanford to ORNL Tennessee depressed
to UNR.  Daughter Beth in our move from Galveston, Texas to Westerly, Rhode
Island brought rock cabinets and notebooks.  I had forgot Joselyn Peterson
masters on system Tl2S! Weird things I puzzled over in evacuate glass tubes
turn out to fractals, sets of phases.  I carefully stored matter in air
tight containers.  Some opened some not.  One excellent example I show in
this email.  So in days of group research at select places I would be happy
to do joint work.  When I left Reno in 2005 I had no idea that work would
be possible at distance, and single double authored papers are rare.
Crystals are beautiful and minerals fascinating to talk about.  Frank
Dickson  *
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