[MSA-talk] EGU 2018: Microstructural session

Marian Holness marian at esc.cam.ac.uk
Thu Dec 21 07:29:37 EST 2017

Dear All - We would like to draw your attention to the following session 
at EGU:

*GMPV1.5/TS3.5  Microstructures as an interpretative tool in igneous and 
metamorphic petrology*

Convenors: Marian Holness, Katherine Dobson, Silvio Ferrero

We are keen to bring together petrographers across the entire range of 
metamorphic and igneous petrology, who use microstructural evidence to 
decode rock history. We hope to bridge the commonly present divide 
between metamorphic and igneous petrology, uniting people who use 
materials science to solve geological problems, in the hope of learning 
from each other and building exciting new collaborations. The abstract 
deadline is 10th Jan!

*Session description:* The microstructure of igneous and metamorphic 
rocks preserves abundant information about rock history, such as heating 
and cooling rates, metasomatism and fluid infiltration, timing and 
location of nucleation and crystal growth, crystallisation regime, and 
the extent, mechanisms and timing of deformation. Microstructural 
information can be invaluable when combined with geochemical data, but 
its potential is commonly under-recognised.
We welcome contributions covering the entire range of igneous and 
metamorphic petrology, that either showcase development of new 
microstructural analysis techniques or new applications of 
well-established techniques, or illustrate how microstructural 
interpretation adds to our understanding of rock history. We anticipate 
that this broadly-conceived session will trigger exciting new synergies 
across a wide range of microstructural studies.

*Confirmed invited presentation*: Brendan Dyck (Simon Fraser University, 

We are very much looking forward to seeing you in Vienna.

with best wishes

Marian, Katherine and Silvio
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