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Hi Steven,
May I suggest that you look at the Raman of any of the synchysite samples in RRUFF. The Raman of all of them will be quite similar to each other. To understand the REE chemistry, you need to look at the fluorescence peaks, especially when using a red laser.

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Hi Steven,

The rruff database, housed at University of Arizona, is a great resource for standard XRD and spectroscopic data for a very large number of mineral species. The link below has the Raman spectrum for
synchysite-(Y) (although as Don points out, completely pure end member samples of the REE minerals rarely if ever exist).


You can examine the graph, download data files and plot in your own format, and see a list of references at the bottom of the page. Hope this is helpful.

Dan Hummer

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On 12/22/2017 2:48 PM, Don Halterman wrote:
> Your question becomes problematic when you use the term "pure." I 
> doubt synchysite-(Y) or any other REE mineral is going to be found in 
> a stoichiometrically consistent phase.  For a sample you might try one 
> of the rare mineral dealers such as Tony Nikisher or Sharon Cisneros.
> Best,
> Don
> On 12/22/2017 12:35 PM, Steven Jaret wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>  I'm trying to use micro-Raman to identify a small REE-carbonate in 
>> some samples, and I think it's Synchysite-(Y) but I'm having a hard 
>> time finding a Raman pattern in the literature for the pure 
>> Y-endmember phase. Does anyone know of either a published Raman 
>> pattern for this, or of where I could find a sample and collect my 
>> own reference pattern?
>> Thanks,
>> Steven Jaret
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