[MSA-talk] Wilfley table setup tips and tricks

Wesley Weisberg Wesley.Weisberg at cwu.edu
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Hello Ayla,

A good friend of mine operates the Denver USGS Mineral Resources program min-sep lab and has extensive knowledge and experience with the Wilfley table. He and others published a USGS paper a few years back on techniques and methods regarding min-sep procedures. I have attached his paper and contact information below. Hope this helps and Happy New Year.

Tom Strong

Tstrong4 at msudenver.edu




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Hi all,

Note: If you have any experience with this or have some tips and tricks for shaker tables in general, I'd love to hear them and would appreciate if you could email me off the listserv at apamukcu at whoi.edu<mailto:apamukcu at whoi.edu>

We're in the process of trying to get a Wilfley 800 table up and running (it was set up a few years ago but it's never been used), and we're having an issue with it producing almost a reverse density distribution (i.e., heavies are getting caught at the top, some are cascading down, but it's mostly lights going into the 'concentrates' bucket). If anyone has experience/suggestions/ideas about how to fix this, please do get in touch!

Thanks, and happy new year,
Ayla Pamukcu
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