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Dear Matt,

         I found the articles in the issue of Elements on "Continental 
Crust at Mantle Depths" to be a good overview of subduction zone 
processes. August 2013 – Volume 9 Number 4


On 30/12/2017 18:59, Matt Kohn wrote:
> Hi again,
> I’m also teaching a subduction zone seminar this semester (split upper undergrad and grad). One goal is to teach students how to read technical papers, so I don’t want popular articles. More specifically, I’m looking for two kinds of papers:
> 1) Some key papers on subduction processes in general - ideally individual review papers discussing petrology (igneous, metamorphic), geophysics, geochemistry, and volcanology. I’m not looking for a single paper that discusses all these topics (if one even exists), rather something on geophysics, something on geochemistry, etc. I’d like to amass multiple possibilities for each topic.
> I can track down the relevant chapters from Treatise on Geochemistry. Strangely enough, I haven’t found something directly relevant in Treatise on Geophysics, so if someone knows a relevant chapter, please let me know.
> 2) Papers discussing subduction metamorphism and tectonics in the Caribbean region, especially Cuba-Haiti-Dominican Republic. Any other cool papers for the Caribbean are also welcome.
> Thanks for your thoughts,
> Matt
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