[MSA-talk] Annual SIMS Workshop at ASU

Richard Hervig RICHARD.HERVIG at asu.edu
Tue Nov 7 11:50:39 EST 2017

Announcing our annual free Workshop on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry offered by the SIMS Facility at Arizona State University, and supported by NSF and Cameca Inc. The workshop will be held January 3 – 5, 2018. Due to a full wait list from last year, there are only 2 more seats available, (class limited to 15 participants). Travel stipends ($500) are available to U.S. citizens who are registered graduate students.

The workshop will include training on the Cameca 6f and NanoSIMS 50L including: 1) how the secondary ion mass spectrometer (ion microprobe) removes atoms from a sample and transmits ions to detectors, 2) converting the signal into concentrations or isotope ratios, 3) hardware inside the SIMS, 4) practical information on sample preparation and data analysis, 5) examples of applying SIMS to a wide range of geological problems.

Profs. Richard Hervig & Peter Williams will lecture each morning, then the class will split into 3 groups for hands-on experience on the mass spectrometers and in sample preparation methods. To register, e-mail Lynda.Williams at asu.edu<mailto:Lynda.Williams at asu.edu>.

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Rick Hervig
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