[MSA-talk] American Mineralogist Special Collection 35: Applications of Fluid, Mineral and Melt Inclusions

Matthew Steele-MacInnis steelema at ualberta.ca
Fri Nov 17 13:26:59 EST 2017

On behalf of Kyle Ashley, Claudia Cannatelli and Daniel Moncada, I would like to draw your attention to a new Special Collection in American Mineralogist entitled "Applications of Fluid, Mineral and Melt Inclusions.”

The growths of crystals in rocks often lead to imperfections in the crystal in the form of fluid, melt, or mineral inclusions. Geological fluids rising from the mantle to the crust acquire, transport, degas and deposit different elements in igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. Numerous studies over the past half-century have described fluid and melt inclusions as the best repositories to investigate changes in inclusion properties and track the evolution of these fluids through time. Recently there has been a growing application of mineral inclusions in rigid hosts to constrain pressures and temperatures of porphyroblast growth. This special section aims to bring together researchers that focus their studies on the application of fluid, mineral and melt inclusions to understand the nature and timescale of geological processes in different geodynamic environments. Multidisciplinary approaches that combine natural observations, structural and/or deformation paths, laboratory experiments and theoretical and thermodynamic models are particularly encouraged.

This special section has grown from our session at the Goldschmidt conference in Paris earlier this year, although participation in that session is by no means a prerequisite and submissions from all interested parties are welcome. Note that in the American Mineralogist system, papers published as part of this special section will be published online as soon as they are ready (i.e., there is no waiting time for publication imposed by assembling a complete special collection).

In order to submit to this special collection, please remember to select “Special Collection (SC35): Applications of Fluid, Mineral and Melt Inclusions” from the drop-down menu in the “Classifications” tab during submission.  https://aminsubmissions.msubmit.net <https://aminsubmissions.msubmit.net/>

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