[MSA-talk] American Mineralogist Special Collection 35: Applications of Fluid, Mineral and Melt Inclusions

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Do you have information about when fluid inclusions were reported/described
for the first time?

Thank you in advance

Juanma Garcia-Ruiz

2017-11-17 13:26 GMT-05:00 Matthew Steele-MacInnis <steelema at ualberta.ca>:

> On behalf of Kyle Ashley, Claudia Cannatelli and Daniel Moncada, I would
> like to draw your attention to a new Special Collection in American
> Mineralogist entitled "Applications of Fluid, Mineral and Melt Inclusions.”
> Description:
> *The growths of crystals in rocks often lead to imperfections in the
> crystal in the form of fluid, melt, or mineral inclusions. Geological
> fluids rising from the mantle to the crust acquire, transport, degas and
> deposit different elements in igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks.
> Numerous studies over the past half-century have described fluid and melt
> inclusions as the best repositories to investigate changes in inclusion
> properties and track the evolution of these fluids through time. Recently
> there has been a growing application of mineral inclusions in rigid hosts
> to constrain pressures and temperatures of porphyroblast growth. This
> special section aims to bring together researchers that focus their studies
> on the application of fluid, mineral and melt inclusions to understand the
> nature and timescale of geological processes in different geodynamic
> environments. Multidisciplinary approaches that combine natural
> observations, structural and/or deformation paths, laboratory experiments
> and theoretical and thermodynamic models are particularly encouraged.*
> This special section has grown from our session at the Goldschmidt
> conference in Paris earlier this year, although participation in that
> session is by no means a prerequisite and submissions from all interested
> parties are welcome. Note that in the American Mineralogist system, papers
> published as part of this special section will be published online as soon
> as they are ready (i.e., there is no waiting time for publication imposed
> by assembling a complete special collection).
> In order to submit to this special collection, please remember to
> select “Special Collection (SC35): Applications of Fluid, Mineral and Melt
> Inclusions” from the drop-down menu in the “Classifications” tab during
> submission.  https://aminsubmissions.msubmit.net
> Kind regards,
> Matt
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