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I just donated all my volumes of Progress in Experimental Petrology to our library at Stellenbosch, but it sounds like Bernie will be able to shoot a copy over to you. I don’t know whether you are only interested in Bernie's results, but the attached paper summarises and evaluates all the various datasets on Phl + Qz = En + Sa + H2O. There are some aberrant experimental results, however, but the Wood reversals are good.

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On 18 Nov 2017, at 00:10, Bernie Wood <bernie.wood at earth.ox.ac.uk<mailto:bernie.wood at earth.ox.ac.uk>> wrote:

Hi Mark,

I never published this study in a peer-reviewed journal because before all
the experiments were completed an idiot graduate student opened up the
line to my nice 500 bar Heise gauge and pressurised it with 1000 bars. I
was too disheartened to continue because the experiments were taking so
long. However, there are enough reversals for the data to be useful and I
will see if I can find the report when I get home on Monday.


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I am looking for PDF copies of two articles that appeared in:

Progress in Experimental Petrology of the National Environmental Research
Council (NERC), in particular:

v. 6, pages 17-19 (1976 or 1974, Wood, B.J., The reaction
phlogopite+quartz=enstatite+sanidine+H2O, and
v.11 pages 153-154 (1978, Best, N.F. and Graham, C.M., Redetermination of
the reaction 2 zoisite+quartz+kyanite=4 anorthite+H2O)

If anyone has access to these and would not mind sharing them with me,
I¹ll be most appreciative.

Thanks in advance,

-Mark Ghiorso
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