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Barb Dutrow dutrow at lsu.edu
Tue Nov 21 10:20:41 EST 2017

Dear Jason,

For cutting small crystals or rocks, I suggest using a wire saw. They 
have diamond embedded wires, down to about 23 microns, for thin, 
exacting cuts with minimal loss of material. The bench top saw comes 
with a moveable head that can be rotated in the 3 directions, or a 
goniometer head for exact positioning. In addition to cutting small 
crystals, they cut thin sections, rocks, experimental charges, etc. They 
are expensive, but well worth the cost  if you have many small materials 
to cut.

I used the Well Diamond Wire Saw, Model 3500 (the company has 
representatives in the US and Europe).


Good  luck,
Barb Dutrow

On 11/21/17 2:19 AM, Jason Herrin wrote:
> Hi all,
> We are looking for the thinnest of thin diamond blades for cutting 
> parallel serial sections of cm-sized and smaller mineral grains. Can 
> anyone recommend a good blade or saw type?
> Any responses appreciated,
> Jason Herrin
> NTU Singapore
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