[MSA-talk] Epoxy for min/glass mounts

John Shervais john.shervais at usu.edu
Wed Nov 22 16:51:59 EST 2017

This is my go to for grain mounts and probe mounts. UV cure no mixing
Norland 61 optical adhesive


John Shervais
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On Nov 22, 2017, at 11:16, John H Fournelle <johnf at geology.wisc.edu<mailto:johnf at geology.wisc.edu>> wrote:


I suggest you click over to the Edinburgh ion probe lab page which has a lot of useful information about sample preparation, not just for ion probe samples (e.g. rows of zircons)  but useful for mounting and polishing in general, and for a systematic evaluation of epoxies (again, focused upon needs of ion probe conditiuons, but useful for general information about epoxies that is usually not easily available in one place, say, “edge retention” ). Actually, since you indicate “mineral or glass mounts”, the ion probe-related sample prep information is exactly what you need.


Also, the Microbeam Labs at the Smithsonian also have some useful tips for mounting grains of different sizes (aimed at the difficulties of mounting and polishing small next to larrge grains, vis a vis EPMA standards)


Finally, if you have tiny grains and want to avoid rounding the grains (or rounding off thin bubble walls in volcanic glass), which creates errors in EPMA measurements, you do not want to use soft pads with loose abrasive (diamoind, corundum).

John Fournelle

On Nov 21, 2017, at 4:03 PM, Pilar Madrigal <pilarmq at vt.edu<mailto:pilarmq at vt.edu>> wrote:

Hi there,

Has anyone had experience using the EpoxyMount system from Allied High Tech Products to make mineral or glass mounts for EMPA and/or LA-ICPMS analyses? (https://consumables.alliedhightech.com/EpoxyMount-p/epxymt.htm)

Does it work well under high temperatures? or does it have any drawbacks?  I have worked with the Buehler EpoxyCure resin before but have never heard of this other product until now and I am curious to hear some input.

Thank you!
Kind regards,

Pilar Madrigal Quesada, Ph.D.
Escuela Centroamericana de Geología
Universidad de Costa Rica
San Pedro de Montes de Oca, San José, Costa Rica
Tel. +506-2511-8132
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