[MSA-talk] Epoxy for min/glass mounts

Peter Laugesen pl at pelcon.dk
Thu Nov 23 04:48:00 EST 2017

Hi Pilar,

We use a UV-glue hardening system that ensures perfect, bubble-free and very fast bonding.

Block-samples are:

-        [In case of weak samples: Pre-vacuum-impregnated with low viscosity (fluorescent) epoxy]

-        Ground

-        Vacuum-impregnated with low viscosity (fluorescent) epoxy, which is entered while the sample is in full vacuum, ensuring no bubbles and perfect bonding

-        Re-ground to a level 5 microns deeper in the sample which is now ‘epoxy-reinforced’

-        Polished

Thin sections are:

-        Treated as above

-        Glued to the object glass by UV-hardening glue

-        Ground

-        Polished (if needed)

You are welcome to contact me for further info on the materials we use.

Best regards / Med venlig hilsen
Peter Laugesen

Pelcon Materials & Testing ApS
Industriparken 22B
DK-2750 Ballerup
tlf.: +45 39 56 50 00

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Hi there,

Has anyone had experience using the EpoxyMount system from Allied High Tech Products to make mineral or glass mounts for EMPA and/or LA-ICPMS analyses? (https://consumables.alliedhightech.com/EpoxyMount-p/epxymt.htm)

Does it work well under high temperatures? or does it have any drawbacks?  I have worked with the Buehler EpoxyCure resin before but have never heard of this other product until now and I am curious to hear some input.

Thank you!
Kind regards,

Pilar Madrigal Quesada, Ph.D.
Escuela Centroamericana de Geología
Universidad de Costa Rica
San Pedro de Montes de Oca, San José, Costa Rica
Tel. +506-2511-8132
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