[MSA-talk] IMA 2018 Melbourne

Massimo Nespolo massimo.nespolo at univ-lorraine.fr
Fri Nov 24 05:27:11 EST 2017

Dear Colleagues,
the  22nd  meeting of the International Mineralogical Association will
be  held  in  Melbourne, Australia, from 13th to 17th of August, 2017,
with a very rich program which includes nine plenary lectures and 43 thematic sessions.  
I  would  like  to  invite you consider submitting an abstract for the
sessions “Modular Aspects of Mineral Structures”, of which I am convenor. 
Modular  structures  are built by modules (blocks, rods, layers) which
differ  either in the chemistry or in the crystallographic orientation
/  position. They include polytypes and OD structures, polysomatic and
homologous  series,  cell-twins, as well as twins and epi/syntaxies as
limiting  cases.  The structure-building  principle allows fine tuning
of  both  structure  and  chemical  composition and can be seen as the
rationale  behind  the  well-known  phenomenon  of morphotropism which
dates back to von Groth. It represents  one  of  the  most outstanding
mechanisms  by  which  Nature produces a wide range of minerals from a
relatively limited number of building blocks. The understanding of the
features  of  these  minerals represents thus a challenge both for the
experimental   mineralogist   and   for  the theoretician, and opens a
huge  horizon  for crystal engineering of natural materials as well as
man-made  materials  for  which  minerals  are  used  raw ans starting
The  call for abstract is open until February 28th, 2018. The abstract
submission page is available at the address https://www.ima2018.com/call-for-abstracts/  

Looking forward to seeing you at IMA 2018 Melbourne.

Prof. Dr. Massimo Nespolo
CRM2 UMR - CNRS 7036
Institut Jean Barriol, FR 2843
Université de Lorraine
Faculté des Sciences et Technologies
BP 70239, Boulevard des Aiguillettes
F54506 Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy cedex France
massimo.nespolo at univ-lorraine.fr

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