[MSA-talk] Professorship opened at Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans, France

Nathalie Bolfan n.bolfan at opgc.univ-bpclermont.fr
Fri Nov 24 08:33:45 EST 2017

Dear colleagues,

The laboratory “Magmas et Volcans”, Clermont-Ferrand, France, 
(https://lmv.univ-bpclermont.fr/fr/) is seeking for a new full-time 
Professor in Experimental Petrology and Magmatology.
The applicant will have to be a leading scientist in the area of study 
of petrologic, magmatic and metamorphic processes and their relationship 
to the Earth's internal dynamics using
high pressure-high temperature experiments and/or the observations of 
natural geological objects and physical modeling.
The position involves teaching in the area of Earth Sciences at the 
University Clermont-Auvergne.

Thank you for passing on the message to your colleagues that may be 
Sorry for multiple posting.

For more information please contact Didier Laporte 
(didier.laporte at uca.fr <mailto:didier.laporte at uca.fr>) director of the 
laboratory and
Nathalie Bolfan-Casanova (nathalie.bolfan_casanova at uca.fr 
<mailto:nathalie.bolfan_casanova at uca.fr>) head of the experimental 
petrology team.

Nathalie Bolfan-Casanova,
Directrice de Recherche au CNRS
Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans
Université Clermont Auvergne

Campus Universitaire des Cézeaux
6 Avenue Blaise Pascal
TSA 60026 – CS 60026
63178 AUBIERE Cedex

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