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I was too busy stuffing my face on Thanksgiving to reply, so Frances beat me to it. Yes CMI is a good source of info. I am part of it and doing RE research. The short answer to the question is that most RE come from China (which also manipulates prices and supplies). The mining and processing is pretty nasty and ecologically bad, leaving pollution including with associated and Th. Electronic parts are often sent back to China to be taken apart and various parts reclaimed, also in a very un-green way, sometimes involving child labor and certainly labor in the poorer parts of China. My understanding is that China is trying to improve the situation . There are RE sources in the US and Canada but, apart from some startup companies, there is little activity. The big Mountain Pass CA bastnaesite deposit had been mined, was to be reopened, and then it all fell  apart because of economics and environmental issues, but mostly the former. RE are used in so many different devices (cell phones, LED lighting, magnets for windpower generation, biomedical....)  so you can not avoid them. They are considered "critical elements" and  will continue to be part of the geopolitical and geoeconomic scene. 

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I've had the request below from a colleague. Any help would be appreciated.

"Do you know about the mining of REE that are used in batteries? Specifically I’m interested in those used in hybrid and/or plug in hybrid vehicles? I am trying to learn more about the environmental impact of these different approaches to transportation."

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