[MSA-talk] Equilibrium Thermodynamics

Frank Dickson dicksonfwgranite at gmail.com
Sat Nov 25 10:25:50 EST 2017

Hello MSA LISTENERS: My UCLA  geology research Professor George Tunell took
thermodynamics at Harvard not so good took course at MIT still not sound.
Went to origins,  devotee of J. Willard Gibbs, developed impeccable correct
treatment.  My as independent  researcher experiments and mineral
observations I saw that nature departed from equilibrium Ilya Prigogine
points this out.  George Tunell lived to +100 years, he would not listen.
Too bad he is not around. he devoted his life to it  He would be tickled
that you and Adrian Bejan and Bill Tiller regard thermodynamics as
important.   Equilibrium as end goal of nature including life.  And
experiments on equilibrium add to sound  science.   One we thought too low
Ts of 25. 50, 75 deg C, 1 atm, for deducing alteration of surface HgS.. We
developed HSE to do experiments at higher T and P. Geochemistry is a field
akin to Geophysics in my graduate day.  Cheers, Frank Dickson
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