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My understanding is that lanthanide refer only to the series La to Lu, whereas REE would normally include Y and Sc. But who knows… Would be good to have an actual reference about that, just out of curiosity.

As Mike J said, metal-hybrid batteries can be (La,Ce)Ni5, but can also be TiNi2, ZrNi or Ti2Ni.

For environmental issue, it might be good to look at the following EPA document (while the EPA is still “existing”):


USGS also has plenty of information: http://minerals.usgs.gov (and http://minerals.usgs.gov/east/critical/index.html)



P.S. Let’s do not forget the need of REE for LEDs (phosphors), glass dopant, as catalysts, in catalytic converter, laser, in steel and ceramics, etc… Often the need of REE for these materials is low, but since the product are produced in large quantity the total need is high.

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A related question: hasn't the term "REE" been deprecated in favor of the more accurate "lanthanides"?

Don H

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