[MSA-talk] Large Igneous Province session and short course at RFG2018

Simon Jowitt simon.jowitt at unlv.edu
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Hi All

Apologies for cross-postings. Richard Ernst and I would like to pass on
some information on a Large Igneous Province session and related short
course to be held at Resourcing Future Generations (RFG) 2018 from June 16
to 21 next year in Vancouver, Canada:

*Session Title: MIN11: Multi-Commodity, Multi-Scale Exploration Targeting
Using the Large Igneous Province Record*

Convenors: Drs. Richard Ernst and Simon Jowitt

The Large Igneous Province (LIP) record is becoming important as a tool in
exploration targeting for a wide range of commodities and at regional to
local scales. Presentations are welcome on all aspects of LIPs (and
associated silicic, carbonatite and kimberlite magmatism) that can
contribute to exploration targeting. Abstracts can be submitted here:
https://security.gibsongroup.ca/rfg2018/abstract-submission.php - deadline
is 15th January 2018.

*Short Course on LIPs and Resource Exploration and Climate Change, Friday
June 22nd, 2018. More details will be given here shortly:

Instructors:  Drs. Richard Ernst and Simon Jowitt

This one-day short course will provide a comprehensive overview of Large
Igneous Provinces (LIPs) with a focus on research frontiers related to
resource exploration and environmental/ climate change. The basics will be
covered in the morning sessions: continental and oceanic flood basalts and
their plumbing systems (layered intrusions, sills, dykes and deep crustal
underplating). There will be an overview of additional topics: Archean
LIPs, planetary analogues, associated Silicic LIPs (SLIPs), carbonatites
and kimberlites, origin (plumes and alternatives), links to continental
breakup and the supercontinent cycle, geochemistry, associated topographic
effects (regional uplift and basin formation) and associated compressional

The afternoon will focus on links with resource implications (metallogeny,
oil/gas and aquifer systems). The links with a broad range of commodity
types are captured in our 5-part classification system and we will also
present our latest strategies for using the LIPs record in multi-
commodity, multi-scale exploration targeting. The afternoon will also cover
rapidly developing links with dramatic environmental and climate change,
including mass extinction events. We will summarise the latest research on
the role of LIPs (and SLIPs) in dramatically changing atmospheric and
oceanic composition through time: global warming, glaciations, anoxia,
step-wise oxygenation, acid rain/ocean acidification, enhanced hydrothermal
and terrestrial nutrient fluxes, and mercury poisoning.

If you have any questions about either the session or the short course
please do not hesitate to contact me (simon.jowitt at unlv.edu) or Richard (
richard.ernst at ernstgeosciences.com <richard.ernst at ernstgeosciences>)


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