[MSA-talk] treatment + separation of clay-bearing materials

David L. Bish bish at indiana.edu
Thu Nov 30 15:33:16 EST 2017

Hi Barry,

You could use what is called a flow-through centrifuge. These were 
previously sold by Sorvall/Dupont, and I just saw one on line that will 
do 50 gal/min from Cole-Parmer. I believe larger industrial-scale 
versions are available.


On 11/30/2017 2:52 PM, Barry Bickmore wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> In a laboratory setting, if I want to treat a sediment or ground rock 
> sample with some kind of aqueous reagent, and then separate the liquid 
> from the solids, I can just use a centrifuge if there are clay 
> minerals in there.  That probably isn’t feasible on an industrial 
> scale, however.  Do any of you know how such separations are done on 
> an industrial scale?  You could flocculate the clay by adding some 
> salt, I suppose, but then if you try to remove the salt, you would 
> once again be faced with the same problem.
> Barry
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