[MSA-talk] Goldschmidt 2018 – call for sessions on the lithosphere

Michael Brown mbrown at umd.edu
Wed Oct 18 05:12:03 EDT 2017

We invite proposals for sessions in Theme 03: Earth's Lithosphere 
Formation, Evolution, Recycling, and Subduction at Goldschmidt 2018 in 
Boston next August.

The theme description is given below and proposals may be submitted at 

We seek broad sessions that integrate across disciplines. The deadline 
for session proposals is 1 November 2017.

Michael Brown, Timm John, Fuyuan Wu, Christy Till

*Earth's Lithosphere Formation, Evolution, Recycling, and Subduction*

Earth’s lithosphere preserves an integrated history of the formation and 
evolution of the early crust and the underlying lithospheric mantle, and 
the growth and reworking of this lithosphere to the present day. On a 
global scale, probably starting during the Proterozoic, the growth and 
destruction of the continental lithosphere has been related to 
convergent plate boundaries, where subduction recycles the much 
shorter-lived oceanic lithosphere and juvenile continental crust forms. 
The theme chairs encourage submissions that will lead to exciting 
broadly based and interdisciplinary sessions related to understanding 
processes in lithosphere evolution. Such sessions could relate to: the 
development of the crust–mantle system during the Hadean–Eoarchean; the 
rock and mineral record of processes and timescales in the evolution of 
the continental and oceanic crust, including secular change; 
metamorphism of oceanic and continental crust and mantle, including 
subsolidus and suprasolidus processes and timescales; the 
interrelationships among deformation, metamorphism, magmatism and 
tectonics, including crust–mantle coupling, delamination and 
relamination; processes and timescales related to serpentinization, 
subduction and arc magmatism; analytical innovations; and, global-scale 
topics, such as paleogeographic/magnetic reconstructions of the 
continental lithosphere through time and the onset of global plate 


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