[MSA-talk] Tips for helping color-blind students with optical mineralogy

Lincoln S. Hollister linc at Princeton.EDU
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Hi Lydia,

As you may remember, I am very color blind.  However, optical mineralogy does not rise to the level of disability abuse that computer graphics has risen to, but that is another story.

For optical mineralogy I quickly learned that relative index of refraction (relief) was more reliable for identification than color.  Colors can often be misleading and not according to the book.  So it is just a question of the becke line at grain boundary, between known mineral and unknown.

Many color blind people see yellow very well.  Tell your student he (note student must be a “he”) will likely do very well with staurolite, which is pleochroic in shades of yellow.  Regular people can’t see this, in many cases.  So I spent lots of my career on the study of staurolite.


On Oct 19, 2017, at 5:39 PM, Lydia Fox <lkfox at pacific.edu<mailto:lkfox at pacific.edu>> wrote:

I am looking for tips to help a color-blind student who is really struggling with the optical component of my course this semester.  I’d appreciate any ideas you can pass along!

Lydia Fox

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