[MSA-talk] First Microprobe in Greece - EPMA installation announcement

Ioannis Baziotis ibaziotis at aua.gr
Sat Oct 21 13:49:01 EDT 2017

Dear Colleagues,

I`m very proud to announce that the first and ONLY electron probe micro-analyzer in Greece has been recently installed at my lab (Mineralogy and Geology) at the Agricultural University of Athens. To my knowledge, our EPMA represents the only one between Israel and Italy and as far north as Hungary. It is a JEOL JXA 8900 Superprobe, equipped with 4 WDS and 1 EDS, able to measure a full set of major and minor elements. We have recently completed the installation and calibration process and the instrument is up-and-running. We welcome international collaborators from any place in the world, to come and analyze their samples and to enjoy the wonderful city of Athens. Low hourly rates and collaboration options available. For more information please contact with us at: ibaziotis at aua.gr or mingeolab.aua at gmail.com

With Regards,

Baziotis Ioannis
Ioannis Baziotis ibaziotis at aua.gr
Assistant Professor of Mineralogy and Petrology
Agricultural University of Athens
Laboratory of Mineralogy and Geology
Athens, 11855 Greece
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EGU_GMPV
Personal site: http://ibaziotis.wix.com/ioannis-baziotis
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