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Frank Spera spera at ucsb.edu
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Very interesting... always good to hear from you frank!!!
Did you not pioneer the rocking bombs for hydrothermal studies way back on the Silurian at Stanford?
Frank spera

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> On Oct 28, 2017, at 11:49 AM, Frank Dickson <dicksonfwgranite at gmail.com> wrote:
> Oct 20, 2017 Hello Min Nuts: I am 95 years old, have always been interested in people and nature.  As a boy in California I got up early walked to hills observing things, cows, oil wells, rocks.  Had rockhound brothers.  During WWII in China on a stroll I picked up alpha quartz whole crystals sent home.  At UCLA  Professor George Tunell taught me crystal structure among other things.  I worked with UCLA Clem Nelson on Papoose Flat pluton  in which crystals of orthoclase weathered out on ground. They were studied in chosen orientation. I now live in Westerly, Rhode Island. dug into Westerly Granite with moonstone orthoclase therapeutic crystals.  Textures differ.  PPF crystals during growth grew yriad tiny oriented crystals - boxy textures.  Westerly crystals separated close layers imparted sheen.  Frank Dickson
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