[MSA-talk] A Halloween "treat" from Am Min

Rachel Russell rrussell at minsocam.org
Tue Oct 31 11:01:23 EDT 2017

Dear all, 

American Mineralogist's ³treat² to everyone is an improved, easier
manuscript submission upload tool for authors! And ‹ this is a very good
time to submit a paper. To upload your paper, now you can drag and drop a
bunch of files, a zip file (that opens itself), or use the ³dropbox² or
³google² icons. Or mix and match. It is very flexible! Or use the ³Browse²
button to your files, that is fine too. Once the files are uploaded, the
system prompts you with pop-ups and pull-downs to provide the information
needed. It is much more intuitive for the user. With the same tabs and
sub-tabs as before, but now running compactly on the left side and far
more visible and clear, it also acts as a checklist as well.

Here¹s a link to our new highlights handout about the process:
http://www.minsocam.org/MSA/AmMin/Auth_Info/VSubmitAd2017.pdf sometimes
all that is needed is a picture.

Here¹s the link to submit a paper: https://aminsubmissions.msubmit.net

Here¹s the full Am Min information, with Information for Authors on the
pull-down menu: http://www.minsocam.org/msa/AmMin/AmMineral.html

We are here to help, peer_review at minsocam.org for submission questions
about the database.

Thank you everyone for your support of American Mineralogist.


Rachel Russell

rrussell at minsocam.org


American Mineralogist

3635 Concorde Parkway Suite 500

Chantilly, VA

703 652 9955

http://www.minsocam.org/msa/AmMin/AmMineral.html <http://www.minsocam.org/>
Submissions: https://aminsubmissions.msubmit.net




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