[MSA-talk] Special Issue on Secular Change of Geologic Processes

Christopher Spencer cspencer at curtin.edu.au
Wed Jan 3 19:01:13 EST 2018

Dear all (apologies for cross-postings),

We would like to bring to your attention and invite you to submit a paper to a special issue relating to Secular Change in Earth processes to be published in Geoscience Frontiers. Geoscience Frontiers is an open access, free to publish journal that provides free colour figures and has a 2016 impact factor of 4.256.

The goal of Geoscience Frontiers is to push the boundaries of our understanding and initiate conversation in high profile topics in Earth science.  Submission can either be a short punchy GEOLOGY-style manuscript or a more lengthy piece. The current aim is to have manuscripts submitted during the first quarter of 2018. However regardless of when the special issue is complete, accepted papers will be online and citable as soon as they clear peer-review. Below is a description of the special issue.

An array of evidence continues to mount that many of the geologic processes observed today are very different from those that shaped the early Earth. The rock record preserves petrological, structural, geochemical, and isotopic evidence for significant changes in Earth processes throughout geologic history. From secular cooling of the mantle to shifts in atmospheric chemistry, these transformations extend from deep in the Earth’s interior to the edge of space.

Understanding how and why these processes have changed over time is important as they affect the mechanisms of growth and reworking of the continental crust, contribute to global climate change, and control the location and timing of formation of mineral endowments necessary to support human ambition in the future. Furthermore, understanding how plate tectonics developed on Earth allows us to gain greater insight into the evolution of other planetary bodies in our solar system (and beyond). We invite research contributions that use field-based, experimental, geophysical, petrological, geochemical, and/or modelling techniques to investigate secular change in geodynamic processes from the Hadean to the Holocene.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Richard Palin (Colorado School of Mines)
rmpalin at mines.edu<mailto:rmpalin at mines.edu>

Christopher Spencer (Curtin University)
cspencer at curtin.edu.au<mailto:cspencer at curtin.edu.au>

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