[MSA-talk] MSA-talk Digest, Vol 52, Issue 4 1. Polysynthetic twin drawings (George Harlow)

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Shiyun Jin,
               Many thanks; this is exactly what I was looking for.  I just colorized it and exported as an *.eps drawing, although that must be edited in Illustrator to get rid of some extra patterns Illustrator does not like.  By the way (001) is the common polysynthetic twin law in calcite, but it shows itself as striae on the rhombohedral faces or cleavage.
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You can generate crystal shape images with vesta. It a very powerful free software.
I attached an example of Calcite (001) twin. I know it is not a common polysynthetic twin law for calcite, but it is the easiest to create. It takes some time to think about how the twin domains are relatively orientated and spaced from each other if the twin laws are more complicated.

Use edit-edit data-crystal shape to define crystal faces, and use edit-edit data-phase to create new phase (by copying the phase you already have) as new twin domains. And change the the positioning and orientation of the new phase according to the twin law. Also remember to define the composition plane of the twin as the crystal face of each domain, and position each twin domain so that the composition plane would overlap with each other.

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 1. Polysynthetic twin drawings (George Harlow)

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